Arkheim – Realms at War - Goblin Realms, Revenge, New Languages & More!

on 16/02/2021

Arkheim – Realms at War - Goblin Realms, Revenge, New Languages & More!

Travian Games is pleased to announce the start of the next Arkheim - Realms at War server, featuring two new languages, Spanish & Czech, and many exciting new features for players. Arkheim – Realms at War is a cross-platform game, accessible on the same game account from PC, Windows, mobile, and iOS/Android.

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A new Arkheim – Realms at War Early Access round has begun, bringing many unique features and updates to the game. First, the Arkheim team is happy to announce two brand new languages to the floating islands of Arkheim: Spanish & Czech! Second, players of S7 will now encounter several crudely constructed NPC Realms across the Arkheim map known as The Goblin Realms. With the Goblin Realms' introduction, this significant gameplay feature rewards Realms with new attractive targets to attack, gaining valuable rewards and bonuses from them.

Goblin Realms contain Goblin Towers & Goblin Forts. While Goblin Towers act as Orb sources with Goblin troops defending them, there are many Realm and gameplay benefits in holding and conquering a Goblin Fort. Doing so will give Realms unique bonuses and a random item for all players who took part in the Goblin Fort attack, with those items' rarity depending on what island the players are on. The Realm who successfully holds the Goblin Fort may also cast a vote to choose to move their Ark to the Goblin Fort's position, creating a more strategic and tactical gameplay experience.

A new mobile window UI has been added for a smoother mobile gaming experience, and Realms will now have an accelerated expansion after ascending or relocating. Players can also expect Revenge, an additional feature to the recently added War & Peace system, to arrive after the launch of S7.

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